Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sick Of Your Eleven-teen Inch Arms?! Take 2 Minutes To Learn These 7 Insider Tips To Getting

Bigger Arms

That Will Change The Way You Train Forever...

Big arms, I mean shirt stretching, super-hero looking big arms will never go out of style. And, if you ask any guy if he could have one dream body part it’s bigger arms. It’s the one body part that gets you instant respect once people see them – coincidentally, bigger arms is also the one body part the women find most sexy. They say it makes them feel safe when being held – no joke! So time to man up and ditch your eleven-teen inch arms for good!

Now when it comes to big arms there is a lot of BS out there: some ‘gurus’ tell you ‘don’t train arms directly, they get plenty of work from pressing and chin-ups’, others have said ‘if you want big arms squat more’ and my favorite, ‘in order to add an inch to your arms you’ll have to gain 10 pounds of muscle’ –lol! All complete crap. To make matters worse, no training styles like Crossfit and functional training tell you not even to train arms at all!! If you really want to know how to get bigger arms read on...

When it comes to arm training there are 4 questions that come up again and again:

  • 1How many sets should I do?
  • 2How many reps should I do?
  • 3How often should I train arms?
  • 4What are the best exercises?

I will answer each one of these and more. I will show you some exercises for bigger arms and some workouts for bigger arms that will help you get bigger arms fast!







Bigger Arms Training Tip #1: Give Arms Their Own Day

bigger biceps

Give arms their own day

Give arms their own training day. You heard me, their OWN day. This is the single most important arm training tip. Nothing will help you get big arms faster then training biceps, triceps and forearms together on their own day. The evidence from this approach is so overwhelming it deserves a little explanation.

Most of the time trainees will add biceps after back or triceps after bench, this after thought approach to arms will get you after thought results. It is a fact, the body parts trained first will always progress faster then what you throw in at the end of the workout when you are fatigued.

Training arms when you are fresh and when your glycogen stores are full will produce a much more intense arm workout leading to better gains.

Training Tip #2: Always Train Arms with Fat Gripz or a Thick/Fat Bar

Bigger Arms

4 x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler Training Training Arms With Fat Gripz

Bigger Arms

4 x Mr O Phil Heath bustin out some curls with Fat Gripz

Only Train Arms With Thick Bars/Fat Gripz. Along with training arms on their own day this is probably the most important change you can make in your arm training. Using a thick-handled bar is one of the very best things you can do to develop maximum muscular size and strength. It develops big arms and levels of upper body power strength virtually incomprehensible to those who train only with regular bars...

Thick handled barbells and dumbbells have been around for decades but you will only find them in very high-end professional training centers because they are so expensive! One thick handle barbell can cost over $800 and thick handled dumbbell sets can cost well over $10,000! If your gym does not have thick handled bars (and it won’t) grab yourself a set of Fat Gripz ASAP.

Training Tip #3: Train Your Forearms

Big Arms

Training Your Forearms Will Give You Bigger Arms! The Best Way Train Forearms Is With A Thick Bar Or Just Use Fat Gripz

Train your forearms. No matter what your goal is, a set of big beefy forearms is always impressive and it completes your arms. It doesn’t matter how big your biceps or triceps are, if you have stick forearms you will still have small arms – sorry but that’s a fact.

The most effective way to build your forearms is to train with thick handled barbells and dumbbells (see point #2 – if you don’t have access to thick bars grab some Fat Gripz!

Training Tip #4: Maximize Blood Volume In The Muscle...The Pump

Jay Cutler

4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler getting a massive pump!

Train for the pump. I cannot stress how important this is. If you are not getting a pump it’s going to be very hard to get big arms. When you get a pump it is bringing blood and nutrients into the muscle which is absolutely critical for growth and strength.

The second benefit of a pump is the stretching effect it can have on your fascia. Fascia is like a tight sheath that surrounds your muscles (especially for arms). In some people it is so tight that it will actually restrict muscle growth (arm size) so the more you can stretch it out via the expansive force from the increased blood volume in the muscle (the pump) the more room you will create to allow growth. You can even help this along by stretching your arms when they are fully pumped.

Generally speaking you want to train arms in the 8-15 rep range twice a week with less then a minute between sets and a minimum of 10 sets (if you’re doing arms on their own day).

Sample size gaining routine for maximizing blood flow into arms:

Order Excercise Reps Sets Rest
A1 Incline dumbbell curls
--> use Fat Gripz or a thick bar for faster gains
x12 reps 6 sets 30 seconds rest max
A2 Triceps cable press down x12 reps 6 sets 30 seconds rest max
Repeat the above until you have down 6 sets each of bi’s and tri’s. Your arms should be feeling big
B1 Standing alternate dumbbell curls
--> use Fat Gripz or a thick bar for faster gains
x12 reps 6 sets 30 seconds rest max
B2 Lying skull crushers (AKA triceps extensions with an EZ bar) x12 reps 6 sets 30 seconds rest max
Repeat the above until you have down 6 sets each of bi’s and tri’s. Your arms should feeling twice as big now :-)
C1 Standing reverse curl
--> use Fat Gripz or a thick bar for faster gains
x15 reps Zero rest
C2 Pronated grip (overhand) wrist extensions x20 reps Repeat 3 times

Your arms should be officially ‘fried’. Do this routine twice a week for 6 weeks and then buy some new shirts :-) And remember to take it easy on your other body parts (see tip # 7)!:

Once you’ve done this workout here are a few more to keep you going:

Training Tip #5: Get Leaner

Big Arms

The Leaner You Are The Bigger your arms will look

Get Leaner & Respect your elbows. OK this is technically two points. Get leaner, your arms will always look bigger and better when you can see the definition and vascularity (veins) which only happens when you are lean.

Respect your elbows, staying injury free is so important because if you injure yourself (most of the time it’s the elbows) your arms will be atrophying (shrinking) and not hypertrophying (growing). The best way to do this is to use good form, check your ego at the door and make sure you can feel the target muscle working (see tip # 4).

Training Tip #6: Concentrate On Body-part For 2-3 Months

Concentrate on one body-part at a time. If you natural, i.e., not taking steroids your body can only recover and rebuild so much. No matter how much you eat, or how many supplements you take, this is a fact. So, if you are smashing all your body-parts your recoverability is spread out over your whole body and progress is slow.

You will always grow faster when you make one body-part a priority, in this case arms. This does not mean you have to stop training the rest of your body, just don’t kill every body-part when you’re trying to grow your arms (or other body-part). If you are going to hit your arms/forearms at 100% effort keep your other body-parts to 80% (stop about 2 reps short of failure), don’t worry they will NOT shrink I promise!

Choose a priority body-part (in this case arms) for about 2-3 months and then buy new shirts and switch body-parts.

Training Tip #7: Use More Exercises

Use more exercises! There is NO such thing as the best exercise or best routine for any body-part. Anyone telling you other wise wants to sell you something. Everybody has different muscle insertion points, muscle belly lengths and muscle fiber make composition so everyone will respond slightly differently to an exercise and/or routine.

Use a variety of exercises to find ones that work best for you. How will know? There will always be exercises where you can feel the target muscle better and in turn produce a better pump. Here are few to get you started...


Click to See Some Biceps Exercises

  • Standing DB curlsv- both hands together
  • Standing alternate DB curls
  • 90° seated DB curls – both hands together
  • 90° seated alternate DB curls
  • 45° incline DB curls – both hands together
  • 45° incline alternate curls
  • 90° seated Zotman curls
  • Standing BB curl with straight bar or EZ bar
  • Preacher/Scott curl with straight bar or EZ bar
  • Concentration curls


Click To See Some Triceps Exercises

  • Flat close grip press with straight bar or EZ bar
  • Incline close grip press with straight bar or EZ bar
  • DB kick backs
  • Skull crushers/lying triceps extensions with straight bar or EZ bar
  • Cable press-downs with straight bar
  • Cable press-downs with angled bar
  • Cable press-downs with straight bar with supinated (under hand) grip
  • One arm cable press-downs
  • Cable press-downs with rope
  • Dips

Big Arms Summary

  • Train arms together on their own day with forearms
  • Only use thick bars for arm training (if you don’t have access to thick bars
    grab some Fat Gripz ASAP - best investment you'll ever make)
  • Remember to ensure you feel the muscles working and are getting a good pump
  • Make sure you are training your forearms just as hard as your upper arms
  • Use more exercise to stimulate new growth
  • Stay injury free, if you’re injured your arms are not growing

Other Tips And Tricks

These are training tips not nutrition tips, but if you're not supporting all your hard work in the gym with good eating gains will be harder. Generally speaking, make sure you drink about 10 cups of water a day (muscles are over 70% water) and eat as natural and organic as possible while getting enough protein to help your body grow. Red meat, chicken, turkey and protein powders like organic whey can help to ensure you get enough daily protein. Check out sites like, they are a wealth of training knowledge and supplement advice. Another oddity I learned was the relationship between guys testosterone levels, DHT and hair health. You see, the main guy hormone testosterone can get converted into something called DHT which can be murder for your hair. If you're interested you can read more at testosterone hair loss.

Big Arms Fast

Follow the tips outlined in the is article for two months and then go by some new T-shirts :-)